Saturday, April 20, 2019

Weddings, Proms, and Classes!!!

I just wanted to take a few moments to say a huge THANK YOU, we have had some amazing opportunities and I am beyond grateful for them and for our wonderful customers! Y'all are amazing! 

The shop has had the privilege of working on some beautiful weddings and events and we look forward to the ones we have scheduled in the future and ones that are yet to come. 

We would like to share some of that with y'all!!!

Our April Easter Design with Friends class went wonderfully! We had some wonderful ladies come out to learn and create! 

They created some wonderful pieces! We are looking forward to May's class and we have a giveaway for that class.... 

Here is the Info!!!!
***GIVEAWAY TIME*****🎁🎉💕💐
Since Mother's Day is in May we wanted to change up the class just a little. We moved the date to a little later in the month and on a Saturday afternoon. Check out the details in the link to the class.... 👇
We wanted to do that for this reason....
We want to GIVEAWAY 2, that's right 2, tickets to the class. Sandy and Heather work everyday as mother and daughter and best friends and it's a wonderful experience. So in saying that, we want to give that same chance to you. Work side by side with your mom, or someone who means the world to you, and you both can create a beautiful arrangements and some wonderful memories.
Just a sample of what we will be making!!!

How do you enter to win these tickets....
1. Like and share this post.
2. Click on over and Like the Bouquet Palace page if you haven't already!
3. Tag in the comments who you would like bring to the class with you.
That's It. 3 simple steps and you will be entered in a drawing to win. We will draw for the Winner at the end of the day on May 1st!!
Here is the link if you want more info.... 👇👇👇💐
Or you can call the shop.... 870-425-2193
*If you live out of state, but your mom or someone you want to go lives here, you can still enter and we will deliver the tickets *as long as the address is in our deliver area* to your mom or whomever you would like to receive them, and they can choose someone to go with them if you can't be here!
So if you want to enter to win the tickets just head on over to our facebook page and get yourself in the pool for the drawing!

Here is the link to our page.....

Also we had our first DIY wedding this past month and it was so fun! I love having people come in and learn and grow. The bride got to carry a bouquet made with love by her mom. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help them create some beautiful pieces! What an amazing experience! 

 Working hard on the Mother's and Grandmother's Corsages! 

Head Pieces! Love how they turned out! These ladies did so good!

 We have had a bunch of weddings in the past couple months and I feel so honored that they choose us to help start a new life together. I have been told many times.... "well they are just flowers for that one day...." but that's not really the case. The photographer captures beautiful moments in during the day and the flowers always seem to find their way into those photos so they hang on the wall too. So they don't just last one day and never appreciated again. So I always want to encourage the brides to really try and match who they are with the bridal bouquet they choose. I love when they do too! 

Here are a couple of the ones we worked on....

They were a joy to work on and as I said before an honor to be apart of the beginning of something beautiful! We have more weddings to come and i am looking forward to each and everyone! Two this coming weekend! I always get excited and a little nervous about them. I want them to be perfect and exactly what they want. I feel like sometimes I fuss over it to much but then I think, man it's their day and they are putting their trust in me to make it beautiful, so fuss away. So I do, I fuss and work till I get it just the way they want it. 

Just a few of my favorites over the past few months!
Along with weddings we have had prom orders for weeks now and I think we just did our last prom this weekend so can wrap up prom! It was another fun year in the books for prom!
Here are a few from prom this year!!

 A little burlap and lace! Classic Country vibes!!! 

 New one for me this year was doing Garden Roses. The girls loved them, and they smelled ahhhhhmazing!!! 
 Loved working with the orchids! Always a classic beauty! 

 By far one of my favorites! This was for my niece and her date! 

 Love these little guys!!! 

 Bluebomb Orchids

Unfortunately I can't post them all, I wish I could, but these are a few of my favorites! We did some ultra modern to very traditional! I love that all these girls picked out things that seemed to fit them. We also worked with the succulents this year and the girls loved it. They not only had a cool corsage but after prom they could put their succulent in a little pot and keep it! We had some who this was their first prom and they wanted to keep something to remember and some who it was their last year and they were headed to college and they could take this little bit with them. What a cool way to end one chapter and start a new one. Prom was defiantly fun this year! *please excuse the quality of pic's my phone took it was covered in all kinds of junk from making these. Y'all it's been a couple weeks and I am still getting glitter out of my phone. #glitterforweeks  

Anyway.... I hope the last few weeks has been kind to you, and you have beautiful weeks and months to come! Keep checking back for more updates and more posts! 

Have a blessed week!!!