Monday, March 18, 2019

It's been a great weekend and we are ready for a busy week. We have 4 weddings this week. I am looking forward to each and everyone. We will have our first DIY wedding this week in the shop. They will be doing a majority of the work under my direction so I am very excited about that. I can't wait to see how it will all work together. 

Easter is just around the corner too! Love these colors!!! 

Spring is here and the official first day of spring is the 20th this Wednesday!

That means our spring class on April 5th is just a couple weeks away! You still have time to get a ticket and signed up. We will be making some pretty stuff!

Prom season is just getting started too. Last weekend we attended a class on flowers to wear. There are so many great ideas out there and I hope this year we can start incorporating them into the local proms. 
Here are a few ideas....

*these are not our designs just some fantastic designs we loved from the class and show.
We always want to keep learning new things to bring to our clients. The best thing about these classes is that I get to see my mentors and teachers and some of my fellow Master Design school peeps!! These people are truly talented and just amazing. I love their words of support and encouragements. Not just with flowers but with everything. 

We have so much we are looking forward to in the coming weeks! Proms, weddings, DIY classes.... Its going to be a great Spring! 

Happy Monday! We hope you have a blessed week and we will have some pretty photos soon of all the beautiful weddings! 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hello Spring!!!

I don't know about the rest of y'all but I am looking forward to spring! 
Mostly the longer days and warmer days but I am ready to see some of those pretty flowers emerging from their long winter nap.

So in light of spring coming I wanted to share a few things about some flowers!!!
Also just a little side note... if you want to learn and design with me please just follow the link and find out how....
* here's the link* -----> April Class 

Ok so on to flower stuff....

Did you know that White hydrangea blooms will always be white, while the blue or pink colors can be controlled by the pH of the soil. 

Delphinium mixed with alum can be used to make blue ink.

In ancient Rome, a scientist was struck by the gladiolus' resemblance to the swords gladiators used in battle. He named the bloom gladiolus after the Latin word for sword, "gladius."

The world's smelliest flower, a Sumatran native called titan arum​, is said to emit a stink similar to that of a dead body. For that reason, it's commonly known as the "corpse flower." Corpse flowers are also said to be the world's largest flower, sometimes standing 3 meters tall! Not really something that screams spring but kind of cool none the less

Roses share a relation with almonds, apples, raspberries, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, and pears. Roses have what's called rose hips which are a berry fruit in some roses. Rose hips are used to make jellies or teas as they are loaded with Vitamin C. 

Broccoli is a flower! We do not think of broccoli as a flower nor do most florist display broccoli in their floral cooler. However, broccoli, in fact, is a flower. It is harvested before the flower buds fully open and it is eaten as a vegetable. Hmmmm.. do I see Broccoli in some arrangements in the future??? Maybe! For a flower I think it taste pretty good!!! I bet you don't look at your broccoli the same!!!

And how could I leave out the language of flowers! Floriography, the language of flowers. It has been around for thousands of years, however, most popular during the Victorian era due to it's conservativeness with emotional expressions and flirtations. Floriography allowed one to express themselves without saying something deemed taboo out loud to its recipient. Floriography consisted of an actual floral dictionary where the sender could send flowers to someone with encoded messages through the bouquets also known as "Talking Bouquets" sort of like a text message for the time. I think this is due for a comeback for sure!!

So there you have it. Some fun info about flowers! I hope you all have a blessed day!!! Happy Spring!!